💒🏊🏻‍♀️🏞️Pool Villa For Sale 12,900,000 Baht Located Koolpunt 9
THB 12,900,000

Last updated : 5 months ago

🔶Land size 105.2 Sqwah 

🔶Living area 420 Sqm

🔶4 bedrooms 4 bathrooms

🏊🏻‍♀️Salt system Swimming pool 3.5*10 

🔶digital doorlock

🚘Parking for 3 cars

🔶There are 2 EV charger plugs.

 - 3-phase electrical system, new electric walk throughout the house, there is a safety cut with a control cabinet.  Inside-outside control 3 sets

 Switches/Plugs use ARTDna throughout the house.

 Decorate with soft-colored LED strip lights at different points outside - inside the house, glowing beautifully at night.

 Installation of 2 CCTV cameras in front of the house, 1 parking spot

 - New plumbing system, the whole system uses green PPR pipe, size 1 inch, flexible, not broken

 Water pump uses super pressure pump 750 2 separators in-out with water tank capacity 1500/2500 2 tanks installed automatic lawn watering system

 - The wall of the house is 2.8 meters high, covering the outer surface with porcelain tiles, cotto 60 < 60, with a force-bearing 1000kgs weight-bearing gate.

 - Salt system swimming pool, size 3.5 <10 meters, covered with specially selected Kera ceramic glazed tiles

 -Tostem brand entrance door, windows, folding doors, use the Euro Elegant set, thick cut with special Sahara paint, light green tempered glass

 - Master bedroom downstairs  Comes with an interior in a classic Norwegian blue color scheme, luxurious, 4-way wall-mounted air conditioner, walk-in crutches, a large L-shaped built-in wardrobe, installed with a full dressing mirror.  TV shelf, marble pattern with 55-inch TV, wall paneling, hidden door to the bathroom  That is used in conjunction with the dining room. In the bathroom, a 3-phase water heater is installed at every point, his & her sinks, sanitary wares, using cotto, cotto faucets.  Bathroom I Spa's stainless steel shower (standing shower, modern built-in shower), bed  King size with latex mattress also available

 Another large private bathroom at the end of the room  Install 3-phase hot water at every point, washbasin, his & her automatic taps, 2 automatic light-up make-up mirrors, bathtub, Jacuzzi, spray system.  modern embedded shower  automatic flushing system  Walking with a ribbon of soft light, beautiful.  convenient to use

 - Downstairs bedroom decorated with wallpaper, smoothie rose color, king-size bed, adding color to the wall at the end of the bed with abstract oil painting, size 100><200 cm, trendy built-in closet, white marble floor

 - The master bedroom on the upper floor controls the Brewster Gray color scheme.

 Switch colors Pearl white, clean, built-in showcase  Left and right with spray-painted teak plywood, wardrobe, classic-style hole ceiling, TV cabinet with a mini safe inside with a 55-inch TV, king-sized bed with rubber mattress, bedside cabinet, en-suite bathroom with 3-phase water heater  Every point has his & her sink, Cotto toilet, Cotto faucet, Bathroom i Spa's stand shower, integrated shower with bathtub.  Modern floating floor

 -Timeless Suite bedroom on the upper floor decorated with premium wallpaper, Golden Brown color, complete with classic Rococo Style furniture, Blue Cara set, king-size bed, 2 bedside cabinets, comes with a rubber mattress, does not collapse  No back pain, large wardrobe, 6 doors with mirror, size 2.9 <2.6 m., dressing table  large mirror  At the end of the bed, there is a TV stand with a 55-inch TV. In the bathroom there is a stainless shower, built-in shower, decorated with shea wood.  Classic stainless steel eyebrows

 Install 3-phase water heaters at every point.

 - Air conditioners in the house, a total of 7 sets, 4-way air conditioners, embedded in modern ceilings, 3 sets / 4 excavated wall air conditioners

 - Downstairs, the living room area (Living area) decorated in Classic Contemporary style, white marble floor, Amsterdam Gray wall paneling, alternating with golden teal mirror, hole ceiling, decorated with shiny golden stainless steel, step lighting system to hide the ceiling to add  luxurious  There is a level for the house.

 Guzzo genuine leather sofa set with blackout and translucent curtains that stretch to the floor throughout the house.

 -Dining zone consists of a marble dining table set with 8 chairs made of flocked fabric.  fabric) clean  Removes smudges/scratches  next to the dining table  There is also a set of synthetic marble bar counters.  Around the control pole, Silver Mist tone, Rose gold stainless steel band, teal-colored mirror, comes with 2 high stools

 - There is a small Pantry with a marble top for preparing food, drinks, comes with a large family-size 2-door refrigerator.

 - Stair hall, white marble floor, clean  The stair railing is 10 mm. thick tampered glass, placed with aluminum rails to increase strength.  Comes with built-in work, left and right, high hall with mirror, alternating corrugated pattern wall, with chandelier on the side, playing with ribbon lights hiding the mirror.  Gives a feeling of luxury and class

 - There are 2 sets of kitchens, consisting of a kitchen in a white marble top with a stove / sink.  ready to cook

 - Outside kitchen, black marble top  large, I-shaped  Floor and wall to ceiling tiles.  Cotto Porcelain

 Extra thick, size 30><60 cm, built-in kitchen set  with electric stove  There is a microwave oven, fully equipped in the room.  washing machine  Complete set of dryers


  • Parking
  • Closed Kitchen
  • Drying Machine
  • Private garden
  • TV
  • Washing Machine
  • Water Heater

  • Common Area
  • Common garden
  • Outdoor swimming pool

  • Other
  • Government electricity meter
  • Public water meter
  • Air Conditioning Service
  • Cleaning service

  • Extra
  • Pool View

  • Interior
  • Modern

  • Status
  • Fully Furnished

  • Fixtures
  • Air Conditioning
  • Private Pool
  • Walk-in Wardrobe
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